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Best Astrology Tips

A Quick Guide to Astrology

Events that happen in our lives can be predicted using astrology. Positive and negative things that happen in our lives can be predicted using stars and moon patterns. Astrologist advice people on different aspects of their lives such as career, finances and education.  To predict the present and future events that might happen in one's life, astrologist use date and time of birth. Astrology knowledge helps to determine the impact of something present to the future. Astrology tries to help mankind life a better life.


 Astrology is not the same in all cultures. People in the western culture are classified into 12 zodiac signs which are determined by the movement of the sun.


Unlike the western culture which uses the sun to classify people into different horoscopes, the Hindu culture uses the moon. They also use numbers to predict the future, to determine the capabilities that one was born with and to check similarity between different people.  Numerical astrology uses details such the complete birth date and the alphabets in one's name. Due to the many number of years that the Hindu astrology has been used, it makes it the most and reliable form of prediction. Birth charts are used in this kind of study, where the position of the planet on the day one was born is use. Using details such as the date of birth, place and time of birth the astrology is able to predict about one's life.


In the East Asian culture astrology is mainly used for political purposes. Animal names are used to name the 12 different sections which are used in predicting.


Sattamatka astrology is also used in managing one's health. Health astrology can determine present and future medical conditions. Essential components in an individual are represented using the different zodiac signs. Each organ of the body represent a different form of energy.

 For each ailing body part one can predict treatment using stars and signs. sleeping disorders such as sleep deprivation, snoring and restless legs are associated with various astrological factors.


The 12 zodiac signs include; Leo, cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, scorpion and Pisces. People with the same zodiac sign have the same behavior. The sun goes in and out of each zodiac sign once per month. Individuals who have the same zodiac sign are likely to have the same pattern of behavior. It is believed that success in relationship is determined by the zodiac sign a person belongs to.


Astrology has been used for a very long time and it still continues to be used.  The movement of the stars and planets around the galaxy largely affects events in our lives.  With astrology gives us solutions in the events happening in our lives hence peace of mind.


Change of alphabets in an individual name is advisable in case of a negative prediction in numerical astrology.


With astrology prediction a person can be able to prepare themselves for what is in store for them in the future. Click here for kalyan matka tips